Friday, June 3, 2011

DJ C- Umami

DJ Tokyo is away straight West Coastin this week, living it up Canuck on Granville st. The Dubble Bounce will be covered by Sideshow Sid tonight; expect a deep 2 hour set of everything from Jazz to Jungle starting at 6pm on CJSW (

Instead here is what I am listening to right now. DJ C has to be one of the best but most under-exposed artists out there. From Boston and now Chicago he is one of those rare artists whose every production is top notch, can't find a bad track under his name. I have been dropping heavy tracks off his Sonic Weapons album in my sets for years, these things are party monsters that still manage to be smart and intricate. His remix of Gregory Isaacs "Gone a Jail" on the Shockout label and his "Let it Billie" 7" are two of the favorite records I own. The man himself has a new album out called Umami, check it, dig it, buy it and support great music! Out on MASHIT .

DJ C - Umami by Mashit

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